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Two slash fics and some links to Doctor Doom fic - Fantastic Four Fan Fiction

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April 9th, 2011

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01:01 am - Two slash fics and some links to Doctor Doom fic
Two unrelated one-shots, previously posted as anonymous responses at marvelkink_v2

Title: Ignition
Universe: 'one dimension away' AU
Pairings: Reed Richards/Johnny 'Jack' Storm
Rating: G
Length: 1150 words
Summary: Reed/Johnny backstory for the 'one dimension away' AU shown in F4 #563.

Title: Intentions
Universe: AU
Pairings: Victor Von Doom/Reed Richards
Rating: G
Length: 1750 words
Summary: Reed/Victor AU. In which Victor is perturbed to find himself infatuated with his oblivious college roommate.

I've also started a new community for Doctor Doom fanworks and comics discussion at doomfans, and I've collected a master list of all the Doctor Doom fanfic I've been able to find.

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